Louise, a wannabe Kate Daniels.


A heroin who’s scared of nothing, that’s what Louise, a modern young woman, expects from a good urban fantasy novel. Just as she’s keen on deliciously crazy universes born of a wild imagination. Ilona Andrews tandem never disappoints her.


With her sword, Slayer, Curran her half-man, half-beast lover and her loyal Grendel, Kate Daniels personifies the righter of wrongs that the mum-to-be would crave to become, while trying to bring some serenity in this world via her creating a holistic health center.

Berlingot becomes a member of Grendel's fan club.


Humans are definitely a most indecipherable species. Look, authors, they take us into unexplored places of their fantasy world and they sometimes tell us stories that make our hairs stand on end.


As I doze on the computer while my human’s busy translating, my eyes wander over to the text, looking for some pastime. I find translating a pain in … (sorry I mean “boring”) but she loves it and apparently that’s what allows her to buy my favorite organic food pouches so…

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Oops, I’m digressing. As I said, I read texts and sometimes become addict, as it’s the case with this Ilona Andrews’ novel. This horde of half-human half-beast shapeshifters fighting the monsters of a world switching between technology and magic initially shocked me. Messing with the integrity of feline grace, such a sacrilege!


But then, I got caught up in it. To the point of —would I dare confess it?— being captivated by Grendel’s adventures —he’s a very uncommon dog— and developing a special weakness for the witch’s cat-bunny-duck. Well then, this is urban fantasy!