Alex is looking for his Shangri-la.

When he clapped eyes on the camel hair socks, Alex couldn’t help smiling. He closed the trunk containing what remained of his material assets: this exotic souvenir of his photo report in Mongolia, —a gift for Lucie who is extremely sensitive to the cold—, his professional equipment and some belongings.


His house had been destroyed by a fire and the person behind the bombing had sent a thug hunting him up to his hospital bed. Without his old friend Angus’s help, he would’ve felt in an equally desperate situation than had been the last weeks Edgar, the mind-reader dog that he just contributed to saving from being put down.


As it happened, his new canine companion, who already didn’t let him out of his sight, was looking over to him insistently. “Let’s go, buddy! Time has come for you and me to make together a fresh start.”


A tribute to Benji from The Disney Wiki.

Fulfill your traveling dreams with Orso Voyage!

Mongolia is one of those countries that make me dream, even if its reality is more complex than the comforting vision of a preserved nature still allowing you to live as a nomad.


After I met Daria, a charming ambassadress of Orso Voyage, I decided to mention here this travel agency - created and run by Mongolians -.


Orso Voyage’s website


The agency has been preaching responsible tourism for twenty years, combining authenticity and hospitality, ethics and eclectic choices.


From its founder’s edifying background to the diversity of travels, Orso Voyage shows a real desire to share a rich culture.